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Children’s health is certainly a hot topic and the moment. Alarming statistics are showing our kids are getting more and more overweight and obesity is a huge problem. Not only does it lead to kids being unhappy, it causes all sorts of health issues that can be very harmful indeed. So a healthy diet for children is sought after by parents who want their children to be healthier and not overweight. One thing that might not be a good idea is forcing your child to go on a diet. This may cause friction between you both and would lead the child to possibly begin eating secretly. No child likes being told what to do, so don’t insist that they go on a diet. Instead you can introduce healthy meals and work with them to be more active. That way they won’t even realise you are trying to get them to lose weight and they will be more receptive of doing what you want. You can have them eating healthy foods very easily. Just reduce the amounts of fats and salt you give them. Start boiling chicken instead of frying it and instead of going to McDonalds you can make your own healthy burgers at home instead.

By doing this you know exactly what your child is eating and you can keep track of their calories. Of course they may eat some sort of junk food when they are at school or out with friends but in the most part, you know that they are eating well. Exercise is also easy to introduce. Start walking your dog and take your child with you. Grab a football or Frisbee and head out with your kid to the local park and play with them for an hour or so. That way they can burn off some calories and have fun at the same time. It will also help you become closer to your child which is important as they grow up. Being overweight can be hard enough but being overweight when you are a child or teenager can be really difficult. Overweight children can have low self esteem and a lack of self confidence that they can carry all the way through to adulthood. Parents can find it hard too as even approaching the subject with their child can be difficult. But healthy weight loss for kids needs to be encouraged, so if you are an overweight child or a parent with an overweight child then now is the time to act.

Tips to Encourage Healthy Weight Loss

Let’s face it, almost all children like getting treats of some kind. So you can set goals for your child and if they reach them, then they get the treat. Now when we say “treat” we’re not talking about chocolate cake or chips, it can be a trip to the cinema or maybe a new toy they want. Set them a goal and watch them do their best to hit it. Sure, it maybe a type of bribery but it works and your child will be much healthier for it! The next tip is to get your child to eat healthily. Now you can’t watch them 24 hours a day and there may be times when they eat unhealthy foods. So what you need to ensure is every meal you make for them is healthy. That way you can be sure they are at least getting 1-3 healthy meals a day, no matter what they are eating in between.

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Children’s Health- Good Eating Habits for Kids

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You are probably well aware that obesity in children is rocketing not just in America but all over the world. The combination of video games and unhealthy foods is turning our kids into real unhealthy people. All they want to do is sit down and play on their Playstation or Xbox and don’t play sports or ride their bikes anymore. Of course this isn’t true about every child but it certainly does some a lot of them up. But, by introducing good eating habits for kids you can prevent them from putting on extra weight that might be really harmful to their overall health. Here are some important tips that you can use today:

#1 – Remove the Fast Food

There’s no doubt about it that fast food does have its advantages. It is quick to buy and there’s no cooking or preparation required. But the majority of fast food is high in calories and high in fat content. The same can be said of many readymade meals, like the ones that take just 3 minutes in a microwave. There is no substitute for healthy food, so you should find the time to cook for your child at least 3-4 times a week. This way you can be sure they are eating healthy at least some of the time.

#2 – Limit Their Game Time

If your child comes home from school and just sits and plays games all night, this will do nothing for their health. What you need to do is limit the amount of time they play games and get them to go outside and do some sort of exercise. It can be as simple as riding their bike or even taking the dog for a walk. Just get them up and out of the house. Plus this can give you some nice alone time too! Good eating habits for kids are something you really should instil into your child. Make sure they eat several healthy meals a week and get them to do some exercise. This will see that they don’t put on any extra weight that is not only harmful to them but will also avoid them being called names at school.

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Children’s Health- The Healthy Snack for Kids

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Getting kids to eat the right things is often a battle. Many think that healthy snacks for kids are few and far between, but that’s not necessarily the case. As a matter of fact, you can find hundreds of healthy snack choices right online and have the convenience of to-your-door delivery! Fruits and vegetables seem to always be the go-to choices when it comes to what you’d like your kids to snack on. Unfortunately, actually getting your child to eat them is another story entirely. That doesn’t mean that all is lost, though!

How about natural, healthy granola bars with carob chips? Or natural popcorn with real butter? These are just a couple of examples of healthy snacks for kids that you may not have thought were healthy. The key is to be creative and think outside what you would normally consider a healthy snack. You can find so many great choices online, as well! Snack foods like veggie chips (sweet potato chips are really tasty), granola bars, organic fruit snacks, nuts and even dried fruit are some great stepping stones in getting your child to eat healthier. And when they eat better, you’ll both feel better!

Organic foods are in general healthier and more nutritious than non-organic foods. Nutritional research reveals that, on average, organic food has higher levels of vitamin C and essential minerals. And according to Welsh research, organic milk has 64% more omega 3 fatty acids (FAs), most behavioural problems in children being alleviated when parents switch to organic milk, and that organic milk (compared to non-organic milk) may help lower the risk of developing Alzheimer’s. Give your children fresh fruits for snacks and more vegetables in their meals. If possible, serve as little meat and animal food dishes. Remember, organic healthy food is best. Start encouraging them to eat more raw food, because cooking and most food processing methods destroy more than half of the nutrition in food.

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